STEP import

Dune 3D supports importing STEP models to reference them in user-created entities, for example designing an enclosure to fit around a circuit board.

Use the “Import STEP” tool available from the spacebar menu to select a STEP file. If the current document is already saved and the STEP file is in the same subdirectory as the document, it’s filename is stored relative to the document. Even after a STEP file is imported, access to the original file is still required, so keep this in mind when copying documents or sharing them with other people.

The resulting STEP entity has 6 degrees of freedom: Three translational and three rotational DOFs. The lock rotation constraint may be used to lock the rotational DOFs to the entered values.

The “Add anchors” tool adds points to reference geometry from the STEP model. Once added, points stay where they were placed, ignoring changes from the referenced STEP model. Use the “Move anchor” tool to move individual anchors to new positions.