Building on macOS

On macOS, homebrew, and LLVM from homebrew are needed to compile dune3d.

Install dependencies


/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Follow the instructions, now you should be able to install the remaining dependencies:

brew install \
  adwaita-icon-theme \
  cmake \
  eigen \
  glm \
  gtk4 \
  gtkmm4 \
  librsvg \
  llvm \
  meson \
  opencascade \
  pkg-config \
  pygobject3 \

Now you can build the project using the ./scripts/ script.

You should now have the dune3d executable in the build/ folder.


Building on macOS is still experimental. You might find workarounds for building/linking issues in this project’s issues. Also be aware that selection in macOS is broken for now.