Building on Linux

Building Dune 3D on Linux is as simple as running meson after you’ve cloned the repo.

Install dependencies

Make sure you got these dependencies installed:

  • gtkmm-4.0

  • cairomm

  • opencascade

  • uuid

  • libepoxy

  • pkg-config (build-time only)

  • librsvg (build-time only)

  • glm (build-time only, since it’s just headers)

  • python (build-time only)

  • cmake (build-time only)

  • meson (build-time only)

  • eigen (build-time only, since it’s just headers)

  • git (build-time only, required when building from a git repo)

  • python-gobject (build-time only)

  • python-cairo (build-time only)

And a C++ compiler that supports format.

See the the CI configuration for the exact package names for debian-based distros and Arch Linux.

Build it

meson setup build
meson compile -C build

If meson compile isn’t available yet, invoke ninja directly:

ninja -C build


The resulting binaries are self-contained and don’t require any external data files like icons or so. dune3d is the main program executable. Run it from the build directory: