Feature overview

Sketch and constrain in 2D

Start your design by drawing lines, arcs and circles using the versatile draw contour tool.


Pick from over 20 constraints to best express your design intent.

Make it 3D with extrusion or lathe groups

Use and reuse sketches made in 2D to create 3D objects using extrusion or lathe groups.


Use constraints in 3D

Use constraints in 3D to define the length and direction of extrusions.


Loves beginners and power users alike

Just press the spacebar and get a list of all the actions you can perform. These actions can be bound to customizible single key shortcuts or to vim-like multi key sequences.


The smart context menu only shows tools and actions relevant to the current selection.


Clipping planes

Clipping planes allow you to look inside the model.


Import STEP models

Import STEP models to reference printed circuit boards and off-the-shelf hardware in your document.


Apply fillets and chamfers

Make your models more pretty by applying fillets and chamfers to edges.



When your design is done, export it as STL or STEP.


2D export options are available as well.

Versatile input device support

With Dune 3D, you can make best use of modern laptop’s pointing devices. Apart from pixel-precision zooming and panning using touchpads or trackpoints, you can use touchscreen gestures such as pinch-to-zoom.

3D input devices are supported via libspnav.